For Life’s Biggest Moments, We’ve Got You Covered

Providing Peace of Mind for Intended Parents

Ensuring your baby’s health and well-being while providing peace of mind to your egg donor and gestational carrier is essential. IFI works with you to put customized insurance policies in place to accomplish those goals. We provide professional, caring support for your insurance and case management needs during your surrogacy journey.

IFI offers 5 types of insurance policies to cover your surrogacy journey as well as medical billing management services. Learn more about your options.

Maternity Insurance
Newborn Insurance
Surrogate Life Insurance
IVF Complications Insurance
Surrogate Disability Insurance
Professional Services

Empowering Your Clients Through Partnership

IFI supports surrogacy agencies, attorneys and clinics seeking insurance for intended parents and gestational carriers undergoing surrogacy and egg donation. Our partners trust us to treat their clients with the same level of compassion and professionalism as they do, with all parties working together toward the same goal—a successful surrogacy and/or egg donation journey.

Professional Partners

See how we support our agency, legal and clinic partners.


Insurance Coverage Levels Sample

An easy guide to insurance levels of coverage with costs.

Intended Parent Resource Guide

Download our Intended Parent Resource Guide.

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