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Why Choose IFI

We empower intended parents as they pursue their dreams of growing their families, providing enthusiastic and unwavering support to ensure your surrogacy journey is as successful as possible. From enlightening educational resources to personal case management, our team is your partner on this exciting path to parenthood.

Intended Parents

IFI helps more than 2,000 intended parents navigate their journeys to parenthood every year.

Professional Partners

IFI works with 225+ professional partners, including surrogacy agencies, attorneys, and fertility clinics.

Years Experience

Our expertise includes staff members with as many as 16 years of experience in the surrogacy and insurance fields.

Working Together to Support Your Clients

A successful surrogacy journey involves collaborating with a trustworthy partner who has expertise in finding the best solutions for clients seeking comprehensive insurance coverage. We work with agencies, attorneys and fertility clinics to help intended parents navigate their journeys, saving them time and money and reducing their stress.

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Contact us to refer a client.

What We Do For You

As your partner, we share the same goal—ensuring a successful surrogacy journey for all parties involved. Our role is to make your life easier as you help intended parents match with surrogates, choose egg donors, and support intended parents and gestational carriers through delivery day.

Once a surrogacy agency or attorney refers intended parents to IFI, we learn about their specific situation and offer personalized insurance solutions. We provide educational materials to the intended parents, including videos and slides relevant to their needs. We then schedule an initial consultation to guide them to the next steps/milestone. We often schedule additional meetings with intended parents who have more questions.

Our team is always available to educate parents about their options and support their journey. We take pride in providing exceptional, trustworthy service and promptly following up when intended parents seek more information.

Insurance Coverage Levels Sample

An easy guide to insurance levels of coverage with costs.

Intended Parent Resource Guide

Download our Intended Parent Resource Guide.

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