Supporting Intended Parents

How We Help Intended Parents

We empower intended parents as they pursue their dreams of growing their families, providing enthusiastic and unwavering support to ensure your surrogacy journey is as successful as possible. From enlightening educational resources to personal case management, our team is your partner on this exciting path to parenthood.

At each stage of your surrogacy journey, IFI offers insurance solutions to ensure the well-being of your baby, surrogate, and egg donor so you can focus on the journey ahead and prepare for your baby’s arrival.

Pre-Match / Match stage
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IVF Cycle / Transfer Period stage
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Pregnancy & Delivery stage

We collaborate with more than 100 insurance companies to secure the best possible insurance policies for your specific needs. IFI also offers billing management services for the entire contracted surrogacy relationship—ensuring medical bills are paid on time.

We work with more than 2,000 intended parents every year as they navigate their journeys to parenthood, partnering with more than 225 surrogacy agencies, attorneys, and fertility clinics throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe/United Kingdom, Israel, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Why You Need Insurance for Surrogacy

An important step at the beginning of your surrogacy journey is ensuring your surrogate will have health insurance to cover her pregnancy with your baby. After matching with your surrogate, a review of your surrogate’s existing health insurance plan will see if it includes surrogacy coverage. If it does, that’s great! You won’t need to supplement her existing coverage, although we recommend you purchase backup maternity insurance (also called secondary or contingency insurance) in case the surrogate’s plan changes during the pregnancy.

Many surrogacy agencies require intended parents to buy backup maternity insurance so there’s coverage if the surrogate’s employment status changes during pregnancy or her employer changes policies. If surrogacy isn’t covered in your surrogate’s existing plan, it’s essential that you have proper maternity insurance in place for her. This ensures your surrogate and baby receive the best possible care at all stages of the surrogacy journey.

Types of Insurance and Other Services Offered

There are 5 types of insurance available, in addition to professional services such as medical billing management. Learn more about each by clicking or tapping on the buttons below. You can also watch informational videos about the insurance products IFI offers.

Maternity Insurance
Newborn Insurance
Surrogate Life Insurance
Surrogate Disability Insurance
IVF Complications Insurance
Professional Services
Insurance Coverage Levels Sample

An easy guide to insurance levels of coverage with costs.

Intended Parent Resource Guide

Download our Intended Parent Resource Guide.

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