Comprehensive Coverage Levels

No two surrogacy journeys are alike; finding the right insurance products for your surrogacy helps to ensure a smooth and successful journey as possible.

Below we’ve outlined our insurance services and products to help you determine the best coverage for your surrogacy. Based on what’s included, you can determine the level of product for your journey. These are not packages, products can be purchased individually.

Product / Policy Type Basic Standard Comprehensive
Surrogate IVF Complications (plus ED if using ED) $300
Accidental Death Insurance 250K to GC/100K to IPs $435
Loss of Reproductive Organs 5K/10K $250
Health Insurance Review $250
Maternity Medical Billing Consult $150
Accidental Death Insurance 500K to GC/105K to IPs $820
Surrogate Disability (sample includes $800/week bedrest) $1,176  
Maternity Billing Management $2,000  
Stillbirth 75K $940  
Permanent Disability 100k $200  
Local/Outside Monitoring Management Level 1 $300  
Coordination of Benefits Review $75  
Accidental Deal Insurance 750K to GC 200K to IPs $1,350  
Local/Outside Monitoring Management Level 2 $600    
COVID (added to AD 250K/100K) $620    
Permanent Disability 250K $500    
Stillbirth 150K $1,875    

Maternity Insurance or Secondary Maternity
*Based on result of health review (ask for pricing)

Newborn Insurance and Billing

Optional Add-Ons Available Cost
ACA Policy Search and Placement (if applicable) $495
ACA Policy Payment Monitoring (if applicable) $350
Surrogate Disability Insurance Review $250
Domestic IP Newborn Billing Consultation (+ custom packages available for billing management) $150
Travel Insurance (average) $150

IFI offers 5 types of insurance policies to cover your surrogacy journey as well as medical billing management services. Learn more about your options.

Maternity Insurance
Newborn Insurance
Surrogate Life Insurance
Surrogate Disability Insurance
IVF Complications Insurance
Professional Services
Insurance Coverage Levels Sample

An easy guide to insurance levels of coverage with costs.

Intended Parent Insurance Guide

Download our comprehensive Intended Parent Insurance Guide.

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