IVF Complications Insurance

What is IVF Complications Insurance?

IVF complications insurance is a customized policy designed specifically for surrogacy and egg donation. Most personal insurance will not cover complications of fertility treatments for surrogates or donors. Even though it’s difficult to think about your egg donor or surrogate experiencing complications during the IVF process, having insurance in place can help reduce your stress and minimize risk of having to cover expensive emergency room or hospital bills.

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What Is Covered by IVF Complications Insurance?

Egg donor complications may include:
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)
Ovarian torsion
Allergic reaction to medication
And more
Surrogate complications may include:
Allergic reactions to medication
Ectopic pregnancies and uterine rupture
Abdominal pain
And more

Intended parents have the option to add Accidental Paralysis and Loss of Reproductive Organs coverage.

Why Is Complications Insurance Needed?

Complications during an IVF cycle are rare, but they do occur. Without insurance, intended parents might face out-of-pocket costs totaling tens of thousands of dollars or more.

When Do I Need It?

After the egg donor and surrogate have received their medication schedule, many prospective parents opt to purchase IVF complications insurance. By obtaining coverage at this point and paying for it upfront, the policy is activated at the beginning of the medication schedule and remains valid for up to four months or until a confirmed pregnancy occurs. Once a pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate’s care is then managed by an obstetrician, and her maternity insurance plan will begin covering her prenatal care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each policy covers complications for 1 cycle, for up to 4 months. If multiple cycles take place within the 4-month coverage period, separate policies will be needed for each cycle.

Health insurance coverage varies, but most do not cover expenses for IVF complications for an egg donor or surrogate. IFI can review her insurance for a fee upon request.

Products and services may be subject to change. Not all products available in all states. Underwriting may apply. Please connect with us for details on each policy and service offering.

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