Newborn Insurance

What is Newborn Insurance and who needs it?

Nothing is more important than ensuring that your baby receives the best possible care after birth. Newborn insurance covers your little one during your early days of parenthood.

Newborn insurance is needed if the intended parents’ surrogate is having the baby in a different country. Many intended parents who live outside of the United States—but whose surrogate is giving birth in the U.S.—must purchase newborn insurance because their home country’s health insurance won’t cover medical care for a baby born in the U.S. Newborn insurance helps ensure proper care for your baby—and reduced risk of large medical bills for you—until you return to your home country.

Newborn insurance is purchased either when pregnancy is confirmed, or sometimes before pregnancy, depending on the plan type. It will go into effect once your baby is born, covering the costs for routine checkups and exams of a healthy baby and/or intensive care unit if delivered early with medical issues to closely monitor.

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Why Do I Need Newborn Insurance?

As intended parents, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing whatever medical care your newborn requires will be covered—ranging from well-baby appointments to treatment in a neo-natal intensive care unit.

Without insurance in place, medical care for newborns can be costly. For example, the cost for a baby to spend one day in the NICU (Neo-Natal/Newborn Intensive Care Unit) is approximately $10,000 – $15,000 or more. Medical bills for babies who need extended time in the NICU can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Well-baby care—typically covering 1 or 2 nights at the hospital and running routine tests before being discharged—can cost up to $10,000.”

When Should Newborn Insurance Be in Place?

For Lloyd’s of London policies, you should apply for newborn insurance once the pregnancy is confirmed. Newborn insurance is ever changing. We suggest checking in at the time of your match with a surrogate or medical clearance to see what current options are available. Applications may begin at confirmation of pregnancy, or in some cases earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should contact your insurance member services department to confirm how and when a newborn is added to your plan. If your plan doesn’t provide out-of-network coverage where your baby will be born, we offer different newborn insurance options. If you would like IFI’s help navigating your newborn coverage or billing, we offer a domestic intended parent newborn consultation and domestic intended parent newborn billing management.

Yes, even if intended parents have their own newborn insurance or opt not to purchase it, you can choose to have IFI assist with well-baby care billing. Our medical billing management commonly saves parents between 30% to 75% on well-baby care costs. We can also help negotiate bills for intensive care and well-baby care.

Many intended parents find travel insurance useful, including options to cover the costs of canceled trips.

Intended parents have different needs for covering their newborn babies. We encourage parents to educate themselves about their options and choose the coverage that best suits their needs. IFI is here to help!

Please consult with your agency and IFI. Generally newborn insurance is needed.

Yes, you will have medical bills to pay for a healthy, well-baby delivery. The average is $3,000 to $6,000 USD.

It might, depending on the plan. We recommend you call your insurance representative to confirm dependent coverage in the US and consult with IFI on your findings to ensure you have adequate coverage.

Products and services may be subject to change. Not all products available in all states. Underwriting may apply. Please connect with us for details on each policy and service offering.

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