Surrogate Disability Insurance

What Is Surrogate Disability Insurance?

Surrogate disability insurance provides financial support for your surrogate if she experiences pregnancy complications that require extended, physician-ordered bed rest or hospitalization.

Whether your surrogate is employed, works for herself, or is a full-time stay-at-home mom, disability insurance provides a safety net if pregnancy-related complications result in lost income or the need for childcare or housekeeping.

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Two types of Disability Insurance

Hospital Indemnity

This provides short-term coverage when a surrogate is hospitalized with complications. Among the reasons that may qualify for coverage are:

Non-elective Cesarean section
Placenta previa
Ectopic pregnancy

Surrogacy Bed Rest Disability

If your surrogate’s physician orders bed rest, surrogate disability insurance minimizes your risk with long-term coverage to support lost wages, childcare and housekeeping for a covered claim. Severe complications often leading to extended bed rest include:

Severe preeclampsia
Pregnancy-induced hypertension
Gestational diabetes
Uterine rupture
And more

When Do You Need To Buy Surrogate Disability Insurance?

Intended parents should purchase disability insurance for their surrogate at the outset of their surrogacy journey, in case the surrogate needs it. You should obtain both the surrogate bed rest disability and hospital indemnity insurance plans once the surrogate is cleared medically. The hospital indemnity plan must be in place before the surrogate begins medication. Once the surrogate is pregnant, it’s too late to buy it. If your surrogate doesn’t achieve pregnancy, you’ll receive a full refund on the bed rest policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this policy only covers medically necessary/prescribed at-home bed rest when ordered by your surrogate’s OBGYN due to a complication of pregnancy requiring her to miss work. Morning sickness is considered a routine side effect of pregnancy and is not a covered expense.

For surrogates who are self-employed/business owners or independent contractors, Lloyd’s of London’s underwriters will require a 12-month income history. If pay stubs showing net lost wages are not available, underwriters will accept tax documents such as a 1099.

Yes, coverage is refundable on a prorated basis in the event of a miscarriage or if coverage is canceled.

Products and services may be subject to change. Not all products available in all states. Underwriting may apply. Please connect with us for details on each policy and service offering.

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